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chief keef t-shirt 
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A long time before Chief Keef (born Keith Cozart) was certainly one of the most common teenage rappers in America and the youngest major label mind in history, he was a story among kiddies about the South Side of Chicago, a gritty pair of communities that most recently made the news for the amazing rise in murder rate (up 38% in 2012 alone). On December 4, 2011, at age 16, Keef was shot at by police and arrested for unlawful use of a gun and therefore placed directly under house arrest, at his grandmother's house, for monthly. To the morning he was released, the world outside of Chicago got their first taste of Keef's presence: a viral movie called 'It's Something Very Wrong With This Lil Boy: Freaks Out When He Finds Out His Favorite Rapper 'Chief Keef' Gets Out of Jail.''

His music gained prominence within the Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in the united states with over 400,000 students, even though Keef herself stopped attending school at age 15. Keef's YouTube video for 'Bang,' a song off of the mixtape Bang that he produced in 2011, gained about a million views before Keef had any presence outside of his home city, spurred by young listeners who found the atmosphere in Keef's noise and the message in his lyrics to be resonant in their own lives.

In the movie, an adolescent screams and sings in joy for about four and a half minute about Chief Keef's release, prompting YouTube comments like 'Who the hell is Chief Keef'? But many individuals knew exactly who the hell Chief Keef was because he'd been doing something virtually unheard of in the World Wide Web age: becoming greatly popular through local word of mouth. <a href="">musician tshirt</a>

Keef's music, mainly comprised of minimalistic home-made string and drum tracks punctuated by his threatening, nihilistic lyrics, sounds like the following evolutionary step in the style of tracks by Lex Luger and Waka Flocka Flame. But moreover, his music truthfully and accurately reflects the violence, hopelessness and frustration, as well as occasions of victory and joy, of the surroundings that Keef and hundreds of thousands of other poor and working-class young ones reside in throughout the world. On 'Bang,' Keef raps with punchy, syncopated distribution, 'That smoke's got me gone, can hear it within the air/we on top like some stairs, don't provide a f**k, I be goin' to hell.'

Nearly three weeks after Chief Keef was launched from home confinement at the start of 2012, 22-year-old San Francisco rapper Lil B (another unsigned phenom) hopped over a remix of 'Bang,' and weekly after that, Soulja Boy did the same thing for Keef's '3Hunna.' But the time that offered one of the most exposure to Keef to the world beyond Chicago was, actually, the consequence of another Chicago rapper: Kanye West. On March 12, Keef released his next mix-tape, Straight back from the Dead, featuring the song 'I Don't Like,' just one so big that it turned Keef's calling card, and on May 1, Kanye West released a remix of 'I Don't Like' featuring himself, Chief Keef, Pusha T, Jadakiss and Big Sean. No body within the rap world could question, 'Who the hell is Chief Keef'? Next.

Keef's loyal fanbase in Chicago was built on the help of local fans and via a network of like-minded rappers like Keef's uncle Fredo Santana, SD, Lil Durk and Lil Reese, as well as producers like Young Chop and DJ Kenn. DJ Kenn, who was simply literally removed the street by Chief Keef's dad after coming to Chicago from Japan, explain's Keef's attraction this way: 'Very first time I came to the studio, I did not [work] having a large amount of people. However when Keef stumbled on my studio, I was like, this kid. He's different. [He] usually includes something new. Every one is looking to [rap like] somebody [else] — no disrespect to anybody—but Keef, each song he comes with something new, just him.'

<a href="">chief keef tshirts</a>

Rap supporters waited impatiently for months until, fittingly, the greatest signing windfall found Chief Keef on June 16, 2012. On that day, Keef told MTV that he'd signed to Interscope (and signed a publishing deal with Dr. Dre) after being openly pursued by brands like T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records, Waka Flocka Flame's Stone Group Monopoly and Birdman & Lil Wayne's Small Money Activity. Keef's historical package involved an Interscope mark for his staff (Glory Boyz Entertainment), his or her own type of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones named a biopic about his life, and Beats by Keef.

Now, with the excitement surrounding his signing behind him, Keef is moving forward to his next step: another his debut album and mixtape. The mix-tape, Finally Rich, which comes out later this year, will see Keef followed closely by a number of the greatest rappers in the business, including Young Jeezy and Waka Flocka Flame. His presently untitled debut album, is planned to drop by the finish of 2012, and it will cap off one of the very most incredible stories in hip hop: In one year, 17-year-old Chief Keef went from being on house arrest at his grandma's house to being a national rap superstar, all years before he is old enough to purchase a drink.

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